Conservation work

Conservation of fish and fish habitat is the primary purpose of the BCFFF. The organization advocates on behalf of these two resources in a variety of ways that include:

  • Engaging all levels of government and industry through letter writing and participation in stakeholder forums
  • Partnering with like-minded organizations and individuals on initiatives and projects
  • Raising awareness of issues to the BC angling community and general public
  • Being a member organization of other interest groups that help achieve our conservation goals.
  • Educating and instilling a sense of value of the natural environment
  • Providing financial support to organizations that work to protect environments that fisheries rely upon.
  • Providing financial support and assistance to clubs and direct members that undertake hands-on conservation projects

Project funding of club and direct member initiatives will be considered under one of two categories:

  1. Gilly Fund
  2. Conservation Fund

While both categories are for conservation projects, they each have their own criteria and application process.

The Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund was put in place to fund initiatives that may not have qualified for the Gilly Fund but were determined to be worthy of funding regardless. The Conservation Fund is drawn from the operating account. With income and expenses varying year over year, the fund's size fluctuates. This means that while a project may have merit, funding can't be guaranteed. Please refer to the application process and the application form

Projects supported

Below is a list of projects completed using Conservation Fund support. Where a project report exists and is in our repository, a link will appear. Older projects may not be entirely accurate as information has been lost over the years.

Year Proponent Description Amount
2015 BCFFF Help pay for court costs incurred by the Protect the Fraser Coalition to prevent a hazardous materials recycling facility from being built in the Fraser river floodplain in Chilliwack Link $500
2014 BCFFF Land acquisition by the Nature Trust of BC in the lower Salmon (Region 1) watershed. $1,000